Auto Detailing Service

It’s always a rewarding feeling when you drive a vehicle that’s been freshly detailed and looking its best. For drivers that demand only the best for their vehicles, the Germain Body Shop of Beavercreek is here to help. We’re proud to offer our customers an extensive range of automotive protection products and detail services that are designed to preserve the interior and exterior appearance of your vehicle. No matter if you’re worried about wear and tear or protection from harmful environmental elements, you can count on our team of detail technicians to preserve the showroom look of your vehicle for years to come.

auto detailing Beavercreek Ohio

Detail Services & Packages

Interior Detail — $149.95

Tired of dealing with a dirty interior? Our Interior Detail package will get the inside of your vehicle looking its best. Service includes interior vacuuming, surface cleaning, and the use of specialized interior protectants to repel dirt and debris.

Exterior Detail — $149.95

When your vehicle’s exterior is clean, it’s always more rewarding to get behind the wheel. Let our detail experts breathe new life into the exterior of your vehicle with our Exterior Detail package. Service includes an exterior wash, wax, and polish to protect the paint finish and keep your vehicle looking its best.

Full Detail — $249.95

Combining both the interior and exterior packages, our Full Detail service is the best way to give your vehicle the care and attention it deserves while saving money in the process. Let our team protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle with their expertise and specialized products. It’s the ultimate solution for improving the look of your vehicle both inside and out.

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auto ceramic coating Beavercreek Ohio

Ceramic Coating

While an exterior detail is great for enhancing the look of your vehicle, Ceramic Coating provides durable protection to preserve this look for thousands of miles to come. These specialized coatings provide an extra layer that safeguards the finish of your vehicle against harmful particulates while simultaneously adding depth and gloss. Applied by our team of expert detail technicians, ceramic coating options are available for all painted exterior surfaces, wheels, plastic trim, and windshields.

Ceramic Coating Pricing
  • Cars — $125.99
  • Trucks, SUVs, and Vans — $179.95

headlight restoration Beavercreek Ohio

Headlight Restoration

Dull, faded, or yellowed headlights aren’t just ugly and detrimental to the appearance of your vehicle. They can also put your safety in jeopardy! Using specialized compounds and surfactants along with high-power polishing wheels, our technicians can restore the look and performance of your headlight lenses. You’ll enjoy improved visibility and a cleaner exterior look as well.

Headlight Restoration Pricing — $125.99

rain-x application Beavercreek Ohio

Rain-X Application

Known for its unique ability to repel water from the glass surfaces of your vehicle like the windshield and side windows, Rain-X is a proven product that can increase visibility in harsh weather conditions. Rain-X Application is an affordable way to help you stay ahead of the storm.

Rain-X Application Pricing
  • Cars — $49.95
  • Trucks, SUVs, and Vans — $69.95

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